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Boston Alumni Chapter History

Boston Alumni, keeping the spirit of Phi Nu Pi active in Greater Boston since 1950

On June 3, 1950, 37 great men chartered the Boston Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. with the following Kappa men as officers:

o   Dr. Henry B. Aaron, Polemarch
o   James Paul Goss, Jr., Vice-Polemarch
o   Charles E. Anderson, Keeper of Records
o   Herbert B. Dowse, Keeper of Exchequer
o   Charles Knowles, Strategus
o   Abraham B. Fisher, Jr., Lt. Strategus

Over the last 67 years, the Boston Alumni Chapter has been a home to brothers, who have not only been leaders within Kappa on a Province and National level, but have also been pioneers within their respective industry of work. Bro. Dr. Henry Aaron Hill, the 1st Polemarch of Boston Alumni, co-founded National Polychemicals, Inc. and the Riverside Research Laboratories, and became the 1st Black president of the American Chemical Society in 1977.  Bro. Abraham B Fischer, the 1st Lt. Strategus, became the 1st African American to become a licensed pharmacist in the state of Massachusetts. Bro. Wade H. McCree, Sr., a charter member, also helped charter the Gamma chapter at the University of Iowa on March 7, 1914.

Kappa Profiles for Brothers Abraham B. Fischer ,Eugene Grant ,Dr. Henry Aaron Hill ,and Wade H McCree Sr.

Chronology of Boston Alumni Lines

Chronology of Boston Alumni Polemarchs

Boston Alumni Newsletters

Boston Alumni has been fortunate to host fraternal events at both the Province and National level throughout its history. Boston Alumni has had the opportunity to host the 53rd Grand Chapter Meeting in 1965, as well as the 54th (1984), 67th (1997), and 85th (2015) Northeast Province Councils.












The following Brothers helped charter the Boston Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. on June 3, 1950:

Charles E. Anderson
Arthur B. Calvin
Cyril O. Chapman
William Cousins, Jr.
Madison E. Denniston
Abraham B. Fischer, Jr.
Lloyd H. Davis
Albert P. Byrd
Jackson W. Campbell
Granville C. Coggs
Dean K. Denniston,
Herbert B. Dawse
James P. Goss, Jr.
David H. Green
Sherman L. Greene
Dr. Henry A. Hill
William D. Holder, III
Ernest M. Hunt
Robert J. Hughes
James A. Johnson
Albert C. Johnson
James H. Jones
Oswald L. Jordan
John A. Joyce,
Victor R. Lee
Wade H. McCree, Sr.
Richard H. Newhouse
Horace E. Palmer
Joseph F. Patterson
Joseph L. Pierce
Frank R. Robinson, III
Richard D. Skeete, Jr.
James A. Smith
James P. Terrell
William L. Williams
Daniel W. Wynn
Bro. Harold B. Frye










Grand Chapter Meeting 1965

• Polemarch in 1965 Bro. Oswald Jordan
• Vice Polemarch was Bro. Vincent Green
• Keeper of Records was Bro. Gus Anglin
• Keeper of Exchequer was Bro. Frank Robinson
• Northeastern Province Polemarch was Bro. Jackson W. Campbell, one of the
charter members of Boston Alumni
• Conclave Chairman was Bro. Eugene Grant
• For many years Chi Chapter was composed of more than 50 graduate and undergraduate members (membership limit at the time was 35)
• Due to fact that there were significant more members that had graduated from university, there was a struggle of what the chapter objectives should be between the younger members in college and the old established members
• In 1950 Boston Alumni Was Chartered by 37 members, the majority were Chi Chapter graduates
• 1st constitutional officers were:
• Henry A. Hill- Polemarch
• John A. Joyce- Vice Polemarch
• Jackson W. Campbell- Keeper of Records
• Herbert B. Dowse- Keeper of Exchequer

1997 Province Council Meeting


• 67th Northeastern Province Council meeting was held at Marriott Hotel in
Cambridge MA from March 20-23, 1997
• Council was hosted by Boston Alumni, Chi, and Theta Iota chapters
• Theme of the 67th province council was “Kappas on the Move to the 21st Century
• Province Polemarch: Bro. Dennis Golden
• Boston Alumni Polemarch: Bro. Stephen Marshall
• Council Chair: Bro. Allen Pulsifer
• Public Meeting Speaker: Bro. Samuel Proctor
• Awards
• James M. Kidd Distinguished Service Award: Bro. Dr. John H. Perry
• Achievement Award: Bro. Richard L. Snow
• Lifetime Achievement Award: Bro. Abraham B. Fischer



85th Province Council Meeting 2015

Kappa Strong: Inspiring Achievement in the Community

Hosted by the Boston (MA) Alumni and Chi Chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi

March 19, 2015 – March 22, 2015 at The Westin Waltham-Boston

85th Province Council Meeting

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