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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

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Meet new Brothers in the area

In keeping with our theme of ‘Brotherhood and Service’, Boston Alumni welcomes Kappas into the Boston area.  We encourage you to reach out to these outstanding men who will only strengthen our efforts to fulfill the five objectives and live out our fundamental purpose of ‘Achievement in every field of human endeavor’.  Make these brothers feel at home!

Please welcome Brother Lorenzo Jameco McKenzie to Boston Alumni!  Brother Mckenzie is a Spring 2013 of the Nu Omicron Chapter (University of North Carolina – Pembroke). He’s also a charter member of the Rho Zeta Chapter (Methodist University). Our Brother resides in Salem,MA where he’s employed at Salem State University.
Please reach out to this Brother and welcome him to Massachusetts!

We would like to welcome Aberdeen, Mississippi native Roderick Van Daniel to BA.  Brother Van Daniel is a Spring 2004 initiate of the Columbus (MS) Alumni Chapter.  He is a Ph.D graduate of Mississippi State University and a J.D. graduate of Birmingham School of Law, and is a lawyer, author and educator. He’s also the host of his own online sports show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sportslifedrrodd.  On top of all of that he has written books including Notebook of Love, Notebook of Hope, Notebook of Faith, and A Poor Man’s Dream.

Cell phone: (205) 518-2313 or 662-346-6537
Email: roddaniel205@gmail.com



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