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Message from the Polemarch

Message from the Polemarch

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Boston Alumni Chapter

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated


September 15, 2016

It brings me great pleasure to greet you as your Polemarch and to welcome you to a new Fraternal year.  Boston Alumni has ascended, with a record breaking roster and had an excellent fraternal year in 2015-2016.  In addition to hosting Province Council in March 2015, we have instilled a vibrant sense of fraternalism in our chapter.  We continued with our Kappa League and Manny Wilson Guide Right programs and increased our presence in and outside of Boston.
It is our goal as the leadership team to build on that history of success and expand upon it.  The motto for this fraternal year is simple but core to everything that we do.  “Brotherhood and Service”, will be the guiding principle for Boston Alumni as we seek to fulfill the five objectives and live out our fundamental purpose, “Achievement in every field of human endeavor”.  To that end, we are asking every brother to commit two hours to Guide Right per month.
We plan to have an active fraternal calendar.  Please join us in this fulfilling year with a reinvigorated sense of energy and purpose.


Humbly, Yours in the Bond

Sean K. Daughtry
Boston Alumni Chapter

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